Welcome to Camille's Sidewalk Café!

Camille's Sidewalk Café serves freshly made salads, gourmet wraps and sandwiches, flatbread pizzas, fruit smoothies, desserts and coffees.

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Gluten-Free Information

Served with tri-colored tortilla chips and fresh salsa.

*Low Carb and Gluten Free Available!

Chicken Caesar
Herb-garlic tortilla, grilled chicken
breast, Parmesan, Romaine, tomatoes, creamy Caesar dressing

Tex Mex Club
Jalapeno-cheddar tortilla, turkey, ham, bacon, pepper jack, Romaine, black olives, tomatoes $7.30

The Quesadilla
Jalapeno-cheddar tortilla, grilled chicken breast, bacon, pepper jack, sour cream, salsa $7.30

Chicken California
Herb-garlic tortilla, grilled chicken breast, provolone, Romaine, tomatoes, black olives, carrots, honey-mustard dressing $7.30

Bangkok Thai
Spinach tortilla, grilled chicken breast, provolone, Romaine, sprouts, carrots, crunchy noodles, water chestnuts, sesame Oriental dressing $7.30

Sonoma Veggie
Spinach tortilla, pepper jack, Romaine, carrots, tomatoes, black olives, sprouts, sunflower seeds, honey-mustard dressing $6.25

Spicy Chicken Tender
Jalapeno-cheddar tortilla, bacon, spicy chicken tenders, provolone, Romaine, sprouts, salsa, ranch dressing $7.30

*Low Carb wraps made with 100% whole wheat tortillas and served with a mixed field green salad tossed with vinaigrette. Additional cost applies.

*Gluten Free wraps available made with Teff flour tortillas.  Additional cost applies.